Saturday, January 29, 2011

New button! (and Thank You! to folks)

First off, I need to thank Mary Mullen for agreeing to be my campaign Treasurer!

Now it's time to start asking "everyone I know" (as my mentors put it) to help pay to get the word out. Since I live so much of my life online, I added a donate button to both this blog and to make it easy for folks. You can donate either through a Paypal account or directly via a credit or debit card.

The vast majority of donations will go toward printing costs so I and volunteers can walk the district to knock on doors, visit with folks, and leave information for them. I'm told that every person needs to be contacted a minimum of 3 times and, hopefully, 5 times (with 2,850 registered voters in the district!) That is a lot of walking.

If we're not able to talk to people, such as those that live in apartment buildings with locked lobbies, we'll send them mail a couple times as well as likely making some phone calls... depending on how much volunteers can be available.

Which brings up the next question. I need people who like to walk and talk (and are willing to say nice things about me!) to help out. Even if you'd prefer to stay in your warm house, I'd still love to have some help, especially if you enjoy talking on the phone.

My next huge Thank You! goes to Jacque Pokorney for offering to be my Campaign Manager. She will be the main traffic cop so I can concentrate on visiting with voters. So if you volunteer for me, she'll help you get plugged into doing what you'd like to do. (And I'm guessing she's in charge of the victory party that you'll be invited to as well!)

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