Friday, January 7, 2011

More questions, and answers (and still not finished!)


  1. Frequently asked questions in the campaign are likely to be public safety, water, traffic, and city subsidies to private and public projects (Edgewater, Overture Center).  Please share your thoughts on these issues.
Not real certain how well the last part translates into Fitchburg specific questions but I’m certainly accustomed to at least the public safety question as it relates to the Allied area, and, I’d presume, in less intensive ways, to most of Fitchburg. We’ve found that communication is key. When the Police Department has a good relationship with the community, anyone that intends to do harm becomes much less comfortable about being in the area and it goes a long way toward solving itself.

There have been many questions about traffic considerations as part of the Highway 151 project, which has obviously been a primary focus for me. Answers to how storm water will be handled as part of the project is vital since it ultimately finds its way through the neighborhood and into Dunn’s Marsh. The Neighborhood Associations in the area have asked the DOT to give greater consideration to storm water management than is indicated in their Environmental Impact Statement to this point. (Concerns about sound and air pollution have also been expressed.)

I’ve paid close attention to meetings and discussions about Edgewater, as well as watched hours worth of meetings on the Overture Center. I just hope that Fitchburg won’t have issues as contentious as those to work through! Through bits of involvement in city meetings in Fitchburg, I have gained some sense of what is to come as it involves subsidized projects, though I have not been directly involved in any of them. I look forward to getting a better understanding of how those pieces of the puzzle all fit together in Fitchburg.

  1. Please review the enclosed PD City Platform and tell us:
a.      What are the top three PD issues that you want to work on as an elected official?
As part of the work I’ve been doing in the Allied area, I’ve already been actively working in the areas of affordable housing, public services, and sustainable economic development. It’s awful hard to pick just 3, even if I don’t look at the lists under the headers!
b.      Are there any PD positions that you disagree with?
I’m glad to see that there is a County Platform document on your website as well. I was concerned that Progressive Dane was really Progressive Madison! Truthfully, I’ve been dug in doing good stuff in my corner of Fitchburg/Madison and haven’t studied all the information available. In the quick overview, I’d have to say, good job trying to get it right for most of the people. The bulk of the folks you seem to be concerned with are those that are least likely to be otherwise represented.
c.       Are there PD positions that you need to know more about?
At this point, my head is busting with new information. I’ll learn more in time.
d.      Are there issues not included in the PD City Platform that you want to prioritize?
Same answer as c.

  1. Progressive Dane has worked on issues like living wages, paid sick leave, affordable housing and keeping bus fares down.  What would you suggest we do to help people struggling in our community?
What I’ve been doing in the Allied area is promoting ways that the community can become more productive among themselves, taking care of themselves and one another. I’d like to see efforts, from above and below, that encourages everyone to recognize the human potential in every one of us. I’d like to see Progressive Dane encouraging and supporting service providers, employers, city staff, and others in giving a hand up to those who need it. I’d like to see less hand-out’s, and more hand-up’s.  

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