Friday, January 7, 2011

Last of the grilling (which I did enjoy)

You learn a lot about youself when you have to do this!

  1. What is your philosophy regarding the city budget, taxes, spending, and services?
I have no set philosophy, other then a general sense that money needs to be spent carefully and with great consideration toward how much is enough. Many people have far more then enough, and many have far less. “Enough” is a pretty slippery term, I know, but it at least gives a sense of scale. I’d like to see people have enough work, enough food, enough housing, enough health care, enough free time and recreation, enough children, enough care and education for their children. I could probably go on, but won’t.

  1. In what ways are you currently active in your district and the community at large?
Hopefully the answer to that is fairly clearly indicated in my responses above. Organizations I’ve been working with in the area include Allied Area Task Force, CDA and Allied subcommittee, Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, Allied Dunn’s Marsh Neighborhood Association, Communities United, CAC Community Gardens, Madison Fruits and Nuts, Allied Partners, Prairie Unitarian Universalist Church, Allied Wellness Center, Growing Power (Milwaukee area), Center for Resilient Cities and the Badger School project, various permaculture interest groups, Fitchburg SmartCode zoning process, and others.

  1. Please tell us about your campaign team, fund-raising efforts, and your plan to win the election.
I have no campaign team, nor funding at this point. Traditionally this seat has been hard to fill, so I’m somewhat surprised that I have an opponent at all. I’ve been enjoying visiting with folks in the district and hope to do a lot more of that between here and there. I suppose I will soon determine a need for yard signs and some kind of mail campaign. My focus tho, even as I’ve visited with folks already, has been on learning more about the people and issues which will be important to know in order to represent them well.

  1. Please review the Progressive Dane Candidate/Elected Official Expectations.  After review, what will you do to help build Progressive Dane?

-          Working collaboratively with their constituents, other progressive elected officials, and Progressive Dane’s task forces and committees to implement progressive policy.
-          Publicly identifying as affiliated with Progressive Dane and attending Progressive Dane fundraising and outreach events.
-          Articulating progressive positions in the media and other forums.
-          Helping elect other candidates endorsed by Progressive Dane; remaining publicly neutral in races where they do not agree with the endorsement of the organization.
-          Presenting information at Progressive Dane’s General Membership Meetings and write articles for the Progressive Dane newsletter. Lend their name to fundraising and membership recruitment efforts.
-          Helping increase the Progressive Dane’s membership by hosting or being the featured guest at house parties, by personally recruiting new members and by working with Progressive Dane’s staff to encourage their supporters to become members.
-          Recruiting progressive candidates for elected office.

Since I already do so much in and for the area, which I will continue doing whether I’m elected or not, I’d hope to be excused from overly active participation. If it’s a condition of support, I’d probably have to opt out.

10.               What would you do if something like the follow situation arose: You are running for election/reelection in Dist X.  You have a good relationship with the incumbent in District Y whom you feel is a good representative for her district.  However, Progressive Dane has endorsed a different candidate in District Y.
I want to have a good working relationship with whoever is in a seat. If Progressive Dane endorses one candidate over another, I will assume they had good reason (and, in that scenario, it was probably hard to choose which to support!)

11.                PD elected officials try to meet with each other on a regular basis.  Currently the City Caucus meets on Sunday evening before each Council meeting.  These meetings are important for information-sharing and airing of different opinions.  Will you commit to attending on a regular basis? 
As long as the meetings prove to be of value to me, as a non-Madison official, I’d probably look forward to attending. I’m closely enough tied to Madison that I have to presume I’d participate.

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