Saturday, January 1, 2011

Rumor has it...

There may be someone else running. How fun ever! Not that I want extra time and expense, but I would look forward to a chance to not only find out from others in the district what is important to them, but also to further define what I would want to work toward in this district as well as throughout Fitchburg.

Obviously my focus over the years has been helping to shape the extended Allied community into a positive, productive area. I want to help build true neighborhoods, like those that existed when I was young, where people not only know their neighbors, but that they have means of gathering in casual ways, as neighborhoods, where they meet at neighborhood business, or block parties, parks, or even on one another's front porch.

But, I've also been paying close attention to some of the bigger issues. I've been particularly interested in the SmartCode zoning that was recently adopted. It follows fairly closely with my thinking about neighborhood planning. (In fact, the profile picture I use here and on Facebook was taken one of the days of the SmartCode Charrettes.) I've also been pretty intensively involved in the Verona Road / Beltline construction project, having attended almost all public meetings, and meeting privately (and productively) with people from the DOT and Strand Associates.

One of the big things I see coming up in the near future is a new fire station that will include training facilities. I think it will be very well placed and will be a great addition to the city. I would look forward to supporting that, as well as discussions about what to do with the current facility that it will be replacing.

The library is very exciting, and will be another great addition, and a wonderful gathering spot. There has been some talk about finding ways to increase the reach of the library into the more distant parts of Fitchburg. I will certainly take part in those discussions!

I'm liking seeing the growth of business as well, and the greener it gets the better I like it. I will have a hard time supporting things that will be ultimately detrimital to the environment, so I'm really, really glad that the people of Fitchburg want to be aware of the environment and sustainability issues.

Hope everyone has every thing they need in the new year!!

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