Friday, January 7, 2011

Wow! Progressive Dane asks tough questions!

As closely aligned as I might be with Progressive Dane, I'm reluctant to be identified with any one group. I represent the interests of all the people, and don't like the idea of causing some to feel as though I'm not going to pay attention to their concerns by being in one camp or another.

That said though, I will answer the questions from Progressive Dane, for myself, if nothing else. I've only gotten through the first two. Here's the questions and how I'm responding:

  1. What, in your view, is the most serious issue facing Fitchburg, and what can the City Council do about it?
As is the case everywhere, the economy still presents significant challenges. Specific to Fitchburg, there is a balance that needs to be found to be able to prioritize what the city must do, can do, wants to do, and can do without. There are many and varied points of view that need to be considered. The City Council needs to continue to encourage conversations with all the involved parties, particularly area residents, to help find the correct balance.

  1. What do you think the top campaign issues are likely to be in your district, and how will you frame them?
In my district, one of the biggest issues over the next number of years will be the DOT’s Highway 151 interchange project, which will involve replacement of the Beltline bridges over Verona Road as well as significant restructuring of Verona Road between the Beltline and Hwy PD. The project will have significant impact for the district on both sides of Verona Road . I would hope that will be a significant part of the campaign discussion.

Secondly, the portions of the district surrounding Allied Drive will continue to be an issue. I’ve already been working to help the community, in both the Madison and Fitchburg portions, become a productive neighborhood and would be happy to speak on that in the campaign.

Third would be discussions that are already taking place about building a new fire station within the district, along with how to make the best continued use of the existing station. At this point, I still only have a rough idea of what has been being discussed, but am eager to learn more in time.

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