Thursday, February 24, 2011

This is democracy?!?

I've been watching during the Wisconsin Assembly proceedings on SB11. Having sat in the gallery for a time last night, I have to say that I've paid a lot more attention than many of the members, since what I noted was that the room was less than half filled (as it appears to be today.) What you can see from the gallery is that when it comes time to vote, one person pops up and enters the votes for members not in attendance. That bothers me, but is not my main point at the moment.

What bothers me is seeing the Democrats stand up hour after hour talking about all the very valid reasons this is bad legislation... and are ignored by people who have apparently been instructed how to vote, without consideration. The speaker keeps saying "all members should vote as they wish" but the vote is consistently 58 to 38.

As bad as I feel for the vast majority of the population who are going to be negatively impacted by the fallout from this legislation, I feel worse for all the people who have been lied to about what this bill does, and who have supported it based on false information. When they wake up and see the light, it will be way too late.

Everything is now based on money, the humanity is gone. It doesn't matter whether people, from the children in school to the elderly in nursing care, and all of us in between, receive the most basic needs or not... if it costs money, it should not have to be provided. If we can't afford it ourselves, we should not receive it.

The only way we can afford it is to have a job that pays well enough, or, in the case of health care, has decent enough benefits to cover it.

The rich must get richer, so they are not inclined to take steps that allow the rest of us to have enough money to support ourselves, since that would take money from them. That includes creating jobs, far more likely there will be layoffs.

Various members on the Democratic side keep saying (shouting at times)... "Wake up!" hoping that people on the Republican side will recognize, or care about, what this bill is going to do to the vast majority.

Having listened and watched not only hour after hour of the Assembly proceedings, but having attended meetings of both the Madison and Fitchburg Common Councils (including behind the scenes discussions) to hear their concerns, spending time at the Capitol, paying attention to media from both sides, and following developments via various internet outlets, my head is going to explode anytime now.

But, it's more then a bit clear where this is headed... and it ain't good... unless, perhaps, you are one of the few "fortunate" rich people that will be walking on the backs of the rest of us to be able to live the good life.

Hopefully you few fortunate will be willing to toss us a few bones now and again. I know many that will... but the ones that matter the most don't have enough of a conscience to even be willing to listen. Watching the Assembly proceedings has made that crystal clear. Hopefully the bulk of the good Republicans will see through it as well and work within the new rules to act as humanly as the rules permit. The new rulers won't make it easy for you though.

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