Thursday, March 17, 2011

So how's the corporate thing working for you?

In my last job, for a corporation that designed and built medical electronic equipment, people were put in the position of having to train the people that would take their job when the company shipped their jobs overseas. Then the people here were laid off.

That is the way corporations work. What is best for their bottom line is what they do, with very little regard for the aftermath they leave here.

That is NOT how I want my state or country to be run. But that's what I see happening in Wisconsin and other states.

We can not allow the type of heavy handed corporate influence to make decisions in our people's seats of power.

As I've listened and learned, I've become more and more distressed at what is happening in government.

I know it goes totally against the way it's usually done, but I have to take a stand that is meaningful. So my campaign literature has the following printed on it:

My thoughts on events in state government:

My position is clear; I support the people. Eventually this is going to have huge impact on people of all income ranges, not just the middle-class.

I have done a lot of research, watching Wisconsin Eye, at the Capitol, and reading from various sources. I am dismayed at the Republican’s lack of willingness to even consider other people’s point of view. What I’ve learned in the process:

It’s not about the current budget
It’s not about Republicans vs Democrats
It’s not about public vs private employees
It’s not about bargaining rights, really

So, what is it about?
  • It’s about a small number of big business people thinking the state, and ultimately, the country should be run like a business. (True, to a point!)
  • It’s about corporations wanting to manage state finances, assets, and natural resources, with little public input.
  • It’s about those same few people wanting to dictate the "rights" of the common people (i.e.: the vast majority of us)
  • It’s about eliminating the unions’ ability to finance democratic (small ‘d’) election campaigns in order to eliminate the competition for political office... so they ultimately get to "own" the country.
I’m not convinced at all that the state, or the country, should be run like a business.

Businesses are interested in the bottom line, and tend to discard non-profitable business activities. In this case, that also includes the poor, elderly, and disabled.

There are a lot of "customers" that are being cast aside in this legislation. That really scares me. If you are ‘working class’ (or have family/friends that are) and qualify for any of these, you will be impacted:
  • Earned Income Tax Credit
  • Homestead Tax Credit
  • Child Care Subsidies
  • Medicaid or BadgerCare
  • Transit programs
  • Education opportunities for low-wage workers

The middle class has been eroding for many years, due to corporate policies. Businesses need to stop practices like sending jobs overseas and concentrate on jobs here.

In addition, we must keep investing in our government so they can continue to fund services that are needed by our society.

The people need our state, and country, back.

I stand in opposition to the the corporate takeover of government and pledge to do all possible to minimize the impact to the city of Fitchburg.

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