Friday, March 11, 2011

Everybody wants to know what I think (100 word limit)

Awfully big topics to fit in so few words! These are my replies to one of the Fitchburg area pubs

Name, age, family, years a Fitchburg resident (25 words):

Dorothy Krause, 54, empty nester, 3 grown children, all unmarried until later this year, no grandchildren. Bought house in the Dunn’s Marsh area in 2002.

Education, relevant professional/political experience and skills (50 words)

Ongoing continuing education in Business, Computer, and Graphic Arts.

Treasurer, Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Association; Owner, Madison Freecycle; Communication Chair, Prairie UU Society; Adobe Community Professional. Member/Participant: Allied Partners, Allied-Dunn's Marsh Neighborhood Association, Communities United, Madison Fruit and Nuts, CAC Community Gardens, Allied Wellness Coop, Allied Area Task Force, Dane County Timebank & others

Your views of the following issues:

The city’s budget and capital improvement plan, including plans for new fire stations and the addition to the Community Center. (100 words).

Reading documentation about the fire stations, talking with many people, including Fire Department personnel, I appreciate the need to reach every address quickly, as well as for improved training facilities. Adding community space on the west side would be welcome. I will support this in spite of having reservations about financing.

Given added community space in the library, I’d love the luxury of time to determine what additional space needs are required for the Community Center. I’m afraid that we’re going to end up spending too much money for too much space with not enough economic viability to support it.

City’s approach to growth and economic development, including its recent adoption of the SmartCode (100 words):

The economy needs to be about jobs at all economic levels for residents in Fitchburg. I’ll support businesses, both large and small, to further the economic interests of Fitchburg.

Having an interest in compact neighborhoods, where most of what you need is within walking distance of your home, and you know and interact with neighbors, SmartCode is appealing to me.

I attended most of the SmartCode meetings over time including the recent week-long Charrette and will encourage SmartCode where it is appropriate.

I will encourage infill development to serve residential neighborhoods by adding appropriate retail services to areas where needed.

Issues related to the “quality of life,” including crime, environmental quality, traffic congestion, parks and recreation, etc. (100 words)

I support the development of neighborhoods where people interact regularly. I’ve seen, when neighborhood associations get involved, people take ownership and issues get resolved through grassroots efforts.

I will work with neighborhood associations and residents to create the best neighborhoods possible, especially in ‘troubled’ areas. When people find their voice, they bring forward their thoughts on creating environments they enjoy.

I’d also encourage neighborhood associations to meet together to discuss issues that impact the greater Fitchburg area, to help city staff, developers, and elected officials make the most appropriate decisions for the city as they relate to the larger questions.

Issues of particular concern to residents of your district (100 words):

I’ve been following Beltline / Verona Road reconstruction issues for years (DOT knows me well). Everyone that uses the roadways will be impacted, though areas east of Verona Road will have the most limited access during construction.

In helping those ‘troubled’ areas, being Alder would help me work with property owners to help the residents make improvements.

The West Fire Station was already mentioned, and limited recreational opportunities are concerns. In talking with area residents, I’m learning what they would like, including where they want speeding controls. They often say they feel disconnected from Fitchburg. I’d like to change that. 

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